Why do affluent residents read The CBS4 Publications?
Simply put, content! The CBS4 Publications deliver the news and information you don’t find anywhere else! The CBS4 Publications deliver fresh, hard hitting editorial from South Florida’s most reputable and award winning news station, CBS Channel 4. Our editorial focuses on local business and community news which includes health, sports, entertainment, real estate and consumer news in every edition. CBS4 has been honored for excellence in television news and internet journalism by the Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA), which awarded CBS4 2 regional 2009 Edward R. Murrow awards, one for continuing coverage and one for it’s website,
The CBS4 News Magazine  is a unique print medium dedicated to providing professional, relevant and award winning news to affluent residents of Coral Gables, Pinecrest, South Miami and Palmetto Bay. Through the use of a strategic and market tested distribution model, the CBS4 News Magazine assures advertisers their message will reach the hands of individuals with disposable incomes.

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2016 Distribution List – CBS4 Magazine


The CBS4 Newspapers

publixStrategic Distribution The CBS4 Newspaper uses a unique distribution system that is based on corporate associations with high foot traffic locations. Through strategic market research and distribution relationships with South Florida’s supermarket chain, Publix Supermarket, our distribution system enables our advertisers to reach thousands of consumers / potential clients per edition while maintaining a high demand for the paper.
Maximum exposure In a business era as aggressive as today’s, advertisers are not only seeking exposure but effective, targeted and maximum exposure. The reason CBS4 Newspaper has become South Florida’s fastest growing publication is because it offers just that to small, medium and large businesses. With nearly half a million affluent consumers with disposable income reading every month, advertisers have found that The CBS4 Newspaper has yielded the best return on investment.

Associated marketing Tell me who you’re with and I will tell you who you are! An old adage that many advertising experts believe fully applies when putting together a successful marketing campaign. For years the reputation, credibility and professionalism of CBS4 has helped local, regional and national businesses grow by associating themselves with South Florida’s most trusted news station.

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